Iconic London

London; dynamic and stimulating, has inspired these pieces of jewellery reflecting some of the most iconic buildings and elements of life in London.The icons featured in our jewellery are explained below.
 1.  Big Ben is the largest four faced chimney clock in the world. It was voted the most iconic film location for London and is the focus of New Year celebrations in England. The green light above the clock shines whenever Parliament is at work at night.
 2.  The unmistakable black cab is synonymous with London. The taxi drivers undergo rigorous training and are famous for their in-depth knowledge of London. It takes about three years for London cab drivers to gain "the knowledge" of the streets within a six mile radius of Charing Cross.
3.   London's Eye has become an iconic landmark, symbolizing modern Britain, the melting pot of cultures that makes up London's diverse population. It is one of England's most popular visitor attractions, and you can jazz up a special celebration with a glass of bubbly as you take in the magnificent views.
4.  The Tate Modern is a brilliant example of renowned architects Herzog and de Meuron converting a disused electrical power station into the largest modern art gallery in the world. Works by world famous artists such as Dali, Cezanne, Picasso and contemporary artists are on display in Tate Modern. The tall chimney, capped with lights, is an iconic beacon at night. For the most dramatic effect, be sure to enter the building from the ramp on the west side. 
5.  St. Paul's Cathedral is one of the defining icons of London's skyline. It's the fifth cathedral on this spot since 604. Climb 259 steps to the Whispering Gallery, whisper against the wall and it will be heard on the opposite side!
6.    The Gherkin is one  of the spectacular  iconic  buildings in the heart of London . All the glass is completely flat except at the top. The spiral pattern was achieved by rotating each floor relative to the floor beneath. Spaces between the panes, for ventilation control, make it one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in London. 
7.  The Crown, symbol of Royal Monarchy, Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Monarch and a wealth of pageantry takes place on its grounds for special occasions. The daily changing of the guards is a worthwhile sight.
8.  London's iconic bridge  was completed in 1894.  A feat of Victorian engineering, the Tower Bridge provided another crossing for London's growing population. Its bascules are raised about 1000 times a year.
9.   Nickname for the Yeoman wardens, Beefeaters are ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London. It is thought that originally some of their payment was given to them in rations, and it was found that they preferred beef to mutton or veal. These days they give tours at the Tower of London. They were founded in 1485 and have been guarding the tower ever since.
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